Our Clones

Thinking from a grower’s perspective, our team of procurement specialists only source genetics from local and trusting clone vendors to ensure excellency.


We purchase our clones from licensed local farms that ensure female cannabis plants. Still, we ask that you inspect your clones before purchasing to see if you notice any deficiencies or other issues. If something is discovered, please inform a staff member immediately.


As a team, we routinely inspect and treat our clones with preventatives. However, we have no control over what happens to your clone once it is taken out of our store. With that being said, we always suggest quarantining and treating your plant prior to introducing it to it’s new environment. 


Choosing the right space and environment is an important part of the succession and the health of your plants. If you’re trying to decide, please read through our Indoor/Outdoor Growing guides. 

Clone Care

Before purchasing a plant it is important to have a grow plan. Conduct some research regarding what genetics you desire to grow, the way in which you want to grow, as well as the supplies needed.

Grow Tips

Growing plants outdoors is the most natural and least expensive way to grow cannabis. With indoor growing, the weather and the season doesn’t matter. Learn more about our grow tips for outdoor and indoor growing.

Grow Guide

Preparation is vital in the success of your plant growth. Here is a clone guide created by us. It contains key tips and knowledge that are essential for setting a good foundation for your plants.