Cannabis 2020 Progression



2020 has been an impactful year for the progression of cannabis. The House of Representatives voted 228 to 164 to approve federally legalizing marijuana, which was the first time each party of The House of Representatives has supported legalizing cannabis. The MORE Act (Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act) proposes removing marijuana from the schedules of controlled substances. Ultimately decriminalizing it, which will allow expungement for nonviolent cannabis related charges.



The second part of the MORE Act would apply a 5% federal tax on cannabis products. The tax would go towards different grant programs that fund communities and small businesses that have been affected by the criminalization of cannabis. 



Another significant bill that was passed by the House this year is the Medical Cannabis Research Act. As it is today, there is one federally funded research facility at the University of Mississippi. Even though the facility can produce quantity, they don’t have access to the variety of genetics that we see today in the legal cannabis market. This bill will allow more funding to go towards cannabis research in the consumer market, which will open the doors for more manufacturers and allow scientists to obtain cannabis products right from the dispensaries of farms. This bill also authorizes Veteran health care physicians to provide approved clinical trials for cannabis. 


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